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Annie Cooks! (Frommer, Ann)

Annie Cooks! (Frommer, Ann)

Annie Cooks!
by: Ann Frommer

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

A lifestyle change due to lactose-intolerance, created the inspiration for this cookbook. The challenge to search for lactose-free alternatives and create healthy and appetizing meals opened up a whole new world in cooking.

With 128 Lactose-Free Recipes, Annie Cooks! Family Favorites
Adapted for Lactose-Intolerant, is a welcome resource for those folks who miss the flavors and dishes they once enjoyed.

With her expertise and experience with food and nutrition in general, when it became essential for Ann Frommer to create and produce healthy, lactose-free dishes for her husband, she did it with great enthusiasm and energy.

She discovered many lactose-free products which opened up a whole new world in cooking. Realizing that it is very frustrating and time consuming to have to search for this information, Ann wants to share her recipes and hints to help others enjoy delicious, lactose-free dishes.

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