Gioacchino: Memoir of an Italian Immigrant (Papazian, Rita)

Gioacchino: Memoir of an Italian Immigrant

By Rita Papazian

Published by Xlibris Corp. 2002

In the 1920s, Gioacchino “Jack” DiScala sought new opportunities beyond his native Ischia, an island off the coast of Naples, Italy. The young teenager was torn between heeding his parents’ wishes to remain home and his desire to follow his older brothers to the new world.

Gioacchino chose adventures and opportunity, first in Argentina, then the United States, eventually working in his brothers’ barbershop in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Ambition spurred him further into real estate. He built a successful career as chairman and CEO of DiScala & Company. He overcame insecurities in his new environment by working hard and surrounding himself with a loving family. Gioacchino embraced America, while honoring his Italian heritage.

This Italian immigrant’s journey is a life story many American can relate to.


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