The Emerald Tablet: A Thriller (Hegarty, Pamela)

The Emerald Tablet: A Thriller

by: Pamela Hegarty

A mysterious island. A powerful artifact. A deadly quest.

Fans of Michael Crichton, Inception and Indiana Jones will enjoy this action-packed mind bender. Brilliant historian Christa Devlin and FBI Agent Braydon Fox journey to a mysterious island to find one of the world’s most dangerous and powerful artifacts--the Emerald Tablet. Once used by Alexander the Great, the Emerald Tablet can open the portal between life and afterlife, between man and spirit and, Christa hopes, between her and the traumatized mind of her beloved father. Their ruthless adversary will stop at nothing to find the Tablet first and weaponize its power using the mind-controlling nanotechnology at the island’s prototype Dream Resort. Christa and Braydon race through the jungle-choked island on a thrill ride through history, from Merlin and dragons, to the Greek Minotaur, to a mysterious pre-Mayan city. They must find the Emerald Tablet and solve its ancient puzzle before the world spirals into a catastrophic future.

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