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Goldfinch, Women Who Write’s annual literary journal, is comprised of a juried selection of member-authored works, including prose and poetry.

Goldfinch retains one-time publication rights for all works accepted. The author retains all other rights. Goldfinch is copyright as a collective work by Women Who Write, Inc.


Our Goldfinch launch event at Chase Auditorium at Madison Public Library on Saturday, June
24th, was a resounding success! The afternoon began with captivating readings by our talented
contributing authors. An open-mic session followed as members and attendees shared their own
literary creations. It was a memorable and joyous celebration that marked a special milestone as
we honored the 25th edition of Goldfinch.

It has been a privilege and an honor to be your Goldfinch editor for this anniversary edition. A
heartfelt thank you goes out to our incredible contributing authors, Kim Cumrine for the
imaginative cover art and Andy Skurna for his exceptional contributions. Special appreciation is
extended to Mary ann Mosa, our former editor, for her invaluable guidance throughout the
process. I also want to acknowledge the diligent efforts of our editorial team for their thorough
review and scoring of the submissions. Your collective efforts helped make our 25th journal
edition exceptional and worthy of celebration.

Members, keep an eye on your mailbox for the arrival of Goldfinch!

Happy Writing!

Donna Piken
Goldfinch Editor

GF 25 Cover_edited.png

Goldfinch Vol. 24, 2021-2022

Goldfinch Vol. 23, 2020-2021

GF 23 Front Cover for Non-Bleed.png


Goldfinch, Vol. 1, 1995
Goldfinch, Vol. 2, 1996
Goldfinch, Vol. 3, 1997
The Blank Page, Vol. 1, 1999
Goldfinch, Vol. 6, 2002
Goldfinch, Vol. 7, 2004
Goldfinch, Vol. 8, 2005
Goldfinch, Vol. 9, 2006
Goldfinch, Vol. 10, 2007
Goldfinch, Vol. 11, 2008
Goldfinch, Vol. 12, 2009
Goldfinch, Vol. 13, 2010
Goldfinch, Vol. 14, 2011
Goldfinch, Vol. 15, 2012
Goldfinch, Vol. 16, 2014
Goldfinch, Vol. 17, 2015
Goldfinch, Vol. 18, 2016-2017
Goldfinch, Vol. 19, 2016-2017
Front Cover GF 21 with Bleed
Goldfinch 22 Cover
GF 23 Front Cover for Non-Bleed
GF 24 Cover

Move your cursor over any cover to see the whole image.  Click on any cover to see it in full screen, with editorial and cover credits.

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