Goldfinch, Women Who Write’s annual literary journal, is comprised of a juried selection of member-authored works, including prose and poetry. Editions are published in hard copy and, beginning with Goldfinch 22, published electronically. Mary ann Mosa is Goldfinch’s Editor-in-Chief.​​


I am pleased to announce the call for submissions for Goldfinch Vol. 24 (2021-2022).  The call will be open April 15 - May 31.

This year's submission process is new. We are using Review Star for collecting and working with your submissions. This online application allows us to further streamline and manage key activities via an automated process.


Please review the GOLDFINCH 24 GUIDELINES and GOLDFINCH 24 TIPS & TRICKS documents.

Please note, submissions may be returned or rejected if the guidelines for submission are not followed. Reviewing these guidelines is encouraged for all submitters, even those who have submitted in prior years.


The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

I look forward to your submissions!


Mary ann Mosa,
Editor-in-Chief, Goldfinch


P.S.  Coming in June: Goldfinch 24 Call for Artwork Submissions


Welcome to Review Star
Submission Management, Simplified.

Review Star provides robust, full-featured solutions for managing submissions, making it easy to collect submissions, organize, review, and score.


Need help submitting through the new tool? Please contact Mary ann Mosa, Editor-in-Chief, Goldfinch or Andy Skurna, our Webmaster.

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Goldfinch, Vol. 1, 1995
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