Goldfinch is the literary journal of Women Who Write, Inc.  Our members submit original works to a panel of judges.  Goldfinch showcases the winning submissions. The ultimate creators of this fine publication are the writers who use their skills, knowledge, and passion to write their hearts.


Goldfinch's success is the result of the time, diligence, and wisdom of a team of volunteers.  


You and your family and friends are invited to join us for the virtual launch of Goldfinch 22.

Sign up for open mic readings is required.  Please RSVP by June 27, 2020. 

Sign up for Goldfinch 22 author readings is being handled via email. 

There will be a time limit for all readers. The limit will be based on the number of people who sign up to read. Please limit readings to works authored by the reader.
Each member will receive one copy of Goldfinch 22. The editorial staff, members whose works were accepted, and the cover artist will receive 2 copies. Additional copies may be purchased for $10 each. RSVP by June 27, 2020 to elect to purchase additional copies.

We will host this event on the Zoom platform. You may sign up for a free Zoom profile and download the app most appropriate for your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Just click on the Zoom logo to sign up. 

Mary ann Mosa,

Goldfinch 22 Front with bleed.png

Art is the conversation between the creator of that art and one other person.  It is a mode of self-expression.  No matter if that art is dance, music, painting, a poem, a novel, etc. It is not complete until it has been experienced by another, who brings to it her/his history and sensibility.  For our members, Goldfinch is an avenue for that conversation and completion of the work.  Join in!


Goldfinch, Vol. 1, 1995
Goldfinch, Vol. 2, 1996
Goldfinch, Vol. 3, 1997
The Blank Page, Vol. 1, 1999
Goldfinch, Vol. 6, 2002
Goldfinch, Vol. 7, 2004
Goldfinch, Vol. 8, 2005
Goldfinch, Vol. 9, 2006
Goldfinch, Vol. 10, 2007
Goldfinch, Vol. 11, 2008
Goldfinch, Vol. 12, 2009
Goldfinch, Vol. 13, 2010
Goldfinch, Vol. 14, 2011
Goldfinch, Vol. 15, 2012
Goldfinch, Vol. 16, 2014
Goldfinch, Vol. 17, 2015
Goldfinch, Vol. 18, 2016-2017
Goldfinch, Vol. 19, 2016-2017
Front Cover GF 21 with Bleed

Elsie Boehm, 

Cover Artist for Goldfinch 

Volumes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 

13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20

Move your cursor over any cover to see the whole image.  Click on any cover to see it in full screen, with editorial and cover credits.

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