Membership is the life blood of all non-profit, volunteer organizations.  Members provide our ability to exist as well as our reason to exist.  


Please Contact our V.P. for Memberships with any questions or suggestions regarding joining Women Who Write.  


We are pleased to announce that you may now apply to join Women Who Write or renew your membership online.

  • Dues are $50 per membership year. Until May 1, 2022, new members may join, or current members may renew their memberships for a discounted rate of only $40

  • All memberships expire each April 30

  • Members may choose to be included in our Member Directory which will be an online directory accessible only to members via a password and updated electronically every few weeks.

When ready to complete your online application and pay your dues (with your credit card or debit card) please click on the Join Now button below.

Here's how:

  1. Click Join Now  to open the form

  2. Complete required fields

  3. Click "Submit" to send you information, then you will be taken to our online store

  4. Complete your payment

  5. Your membership will remain in effect through April 30, 2023.

2018-11 Guidelines Cover.JPG

Official Book of Guidelines of WWW

Photo by Dr. Juanita Kirton


Our members often join one or more Writing Groups, where they gather once or twice month to share ideas and experiences, and to provide supportive feedback on each other's works.  There is a wide variety of groups dedicated to many genre.  Our Membership Chair is a great help in deciding which groups may offer the best fit for you.  




Members are encouraged to submit samples of their writing for our annual literary journal, Goldfinch.  Members may submit news articles to our Newsletter, Writers' Notes. In addition, several members privately organize personal appearances at poetry readings, open mic events, book signings, etc.  Join us and our writing and critque groups and soon you may gain the know-how and the confidence to publish your own works.  



In addition to the in-person Writing Groups, our members also enjoy a sense of community online.  We have a closed Facebook group so that members can more freely communicate, share their Facebook events while maintaining more granular control over the messages the post and those they receive.