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Book Club, featuring Fifth Mage Wars

by Laura Engelhardt

Date:  Wednesday, November 16, 2021

Time: 6:00 PM ET

Place:  Online via Zoom

Cost:  FREE!

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BOOK CLUB:  Author Laura Engelhardt
Date:  Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Time:  6:00 PM

Where:  Online via ZOOM
Admission:  No Charge, Open to the Public

What was the main reason/inspiration for writing your books?


Honestly, I started writing this series because I was kind of fed up with the genre fiction I’d been reading. I love urban fantasy, but had gotten sick of the skew between YA (girl with a broken past discovers she has magic and goes to save the world) and macho romance (sassy underdog heroine teams up with aloof supernatural dude and they save the world together after hopping into the sack). After my umpteenth dnf (did not finish), I thought, “hey, I can write a story at least as good as this.” So I gave it a shot. Now I’m three books and two short stories into the series. I have to finish it, because I want to read it!


Think back in time to the first piece you ever wrote? When was it? Did you share it with anyone? What was their reaction?


Oh, gosh. I remember writing a story about snakes and a grassy wasteland when I was in Eighth Grade. I think I got a B on it, which was devastating, of course. I also remember writing my first vampire story a few years later. I was so scared to show it to anyone, but for some reason decided to give it to my mom to read. I actually sat at the kitchen table to watch her read it, wondering what had I done. As soon as she finished, I whisked it away and told her I never wanted to talk about it again. I try to remember times like that when faced with peculiar reactions from my own teenagers now.


What methods do you use to connect with your audience?


I have a website and facebook page. I send out a monthly newsletter, and love to hear from readers! I think Indie authors like me are especially connected to our readers because we don’t have a gazillion fans. I make a special effort to respond to people who reach out. For instance, I published the short story, Swimming Lessons, as a gift for my first die-hard fan.


What are you working on now, and what made you choose to write about this?


I’m finishing up the Fifth Mage War Series. I love imagining myself in the worlds created by fantasy authors and wanted to design that kind of world to set my story. The magic system is logical, but complex, and there are lots of different kinds of magical people so it’s a fun world. But while I love fantastical worlds, I read stories about people. I wanted to write a family drama, with the same kind of communication challenges that people face in all close relationships.


Write a short bio of yourself, including any other work you have published, or if this is your debut book, tell us that!

Mississippi Missing is my latest novel, but I’ve written two other full-length stories in the Fifth Mage War series, as well as co-authored a short history called, Songs of the Suffragists: Lyrics of American Feminism from 1850 to 2020.


I started writing plays in college, then moved to Germany, where I continued to write while teaching ESL to executives. After moving back to the U.S., I supported my playwriting by teaching ballroom dance and working in a bookstore. Eventually, I decided that living in my parents’ attic wasn’t for me and went to law school. I spent the next seventeen years as a lawyer and compliance officer in New York City, until I quit Wall Street in 2017. Now, when I’m not writing, I help people resolve disputes as a mediator and arbitrator.


Where can your book be purchased?


On Amazon!


Are you on any social media we could check out?




Goodreads Profile:


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