Women Who Write is pleased to offer programs throughout the year that help to nurture, encourage and educate our members while fostering a sense of community beyond the individual critique groups.  Every year we have a Winter Gathering to celebrate the season and each other while enjoying delicious cuisine.  At the launch of Goldfinch, our annual literary journal, we provide an opportunity for each selected author to read her published piece as well as an open mike for everyone who attends the event.  In addition, we offer programs in prose, poetry and screenwriting throughout the year by accomplished industry professionals.  

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Many of our events are now being conducted online, in response to the calls to maintain social distancing.  Anyone may create a free account at Zoom, install the app most appropriate for their operating system, and accept an invitation to join a meeting.  Free accounts can even host their own Zoom meetings, with some limitations.  Click the Zoom logo to create your account.

Goldfinch Virtual Launch Party

by Mary ann Mosa

Date:  Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Time:  7:00 PM EDT

Place:  Online via Zoom

Book Club:  Hidden Lives: My Three Grandmothers

by Carole Garibaldi Rogers

Date:  Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Time:  6:30 PM EDT

Place:  Online via Zoom


Goldfinch 22 Virtual Launch Party
Date:  Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 7:00 PM
Where:  Online via ZOOM
with Mary ann Mosa, Goldfinch Editor-in-Chief

You and your family and friends are invited to join us for the virtual launch of Goldfinch 22, Women Who Write's annual literary journal.

As part of the virtual launch activities, you and/or your guests are invited to read.

  • Optional readings by authors in this edition of Goldfinch will be prerecorded.

  • An open mic session will held for all other readings.

Sign up for open mic readings is required. Please RSVP by June 27, 2020.  Sign up for Goldfinch 22 author readings is being handled via email. 

There will be a time limit for all readers. The limit will be based on the number of people who sign up to read. Please limit readings to works authored by the reader.

Goldfinch 22 will be available on the Women Who Write website on June 30, 2020. Copies will be mailed after the virtual launch.*

TIME:  7:00 p.m. ET
DATE: Tuesday, June 30, 2020
RSVP: Saturday, June 27, 2020

*Each member will receive one copy of Goldfinch 22. The editorial staff, members whose works were accepted, and the cover artist will receive 2 copies. Additional copies may be purchased for $10 each. RSVP by June 27, 2020 to elect to purchase additional copies.

We will host this event on the Zoom platform.   See link above for more information.

Book Club:  Hidden Lives: My Three Grandmothers
by Carole Garibaldi Rogers, Author
Date:  Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 6:30 PM
Where:  Online via ZOOM

Hidden Lives presents compelling true stories of three New York City immigrant families—one Jewish, one German, and one Italian—set in three tenement neighborhoods—the Lower East Side, the South Bronx, and Hell’s Kitchen—during the first decades of the twentieth century. In each of these narratives, the central character is a woman without power and without voice. Their stories, compassionately told, bring to life statistics that record the city’s stunning population growth between 1880 and 1910. The three women are Rogers’s grandmothers, their stories kept secret for almost a century. She has chosen to break the silence that surrounded their lives and pay tribute to women too long hidden from view. Hidden Lives is also the story of her search for her families’ past. Rogers writes, “Minnie, Margaretha, and Catherine could not share recipes or handiwork or wisdom with me. I never knew them. But I have learned to love them and cherish their heritage. I am them—Jewish and Catholic, German and Italian, tougher than I thought, more fragile, too.”


1) What was the main reason/inspiration for writing, “ Hidden Lives?”


As I began to learn more about the three grandmothers I had never met, I felt more and more strongly that I wanted to share their stories. Their lives may have been difficult but should not be forgotten.  They were in some ways “typical immigrant women” but really no one is typical.  They were individuals I wish I could have known.

2) Think back in time to the first piece you ever wrote? When was it? Did you share it with anyone? What was their reaction?


I have been writing for a long time.  I wrote in high school and college and after college I worked in magazine publishing.  I wrote my first book on Tuesdays. My older son was an infant and that was the only day I could get a sitter and go off to the library to do research and write. Over the years I have had both positive and negative reactions to my work. Sometimes from friends and writer/colleagues.  Sometimes from editors/publishers.  As I look back, I have to say that I have mostly benefited from both. 

3) What methods do you use to connect with your audience?


I try to write honestly. And I try to find something universal in my own experiences.  In Hidden Lives: My Three Grandmothers I wrote about family secrets, about adoption, and about the research I needed to do to tell my grandmothers’ stories.  Readers have sometimes responded by sharing secrets kept in their own families. They surprise themselves by speaking out about what may have been a painful family episode. I find those stories very moving.


4) What are you working on now and what made you choose to write about this?


I am working on a collection of new short pieces, essays, some of which will expand on themes from Hidden Lives.


5) Tell us a short bio of yourself, include any other work you have published or if this is your debut book tell us that!

I have been a journalist, oral historian, and poet. As an oral historian, I interviewed close to 100 American Catholic nuns for Poverty, Chastity and Change, published in 1996. (An updated edition, Habits of Change, was published by Oxford University Press in 2011.)  That work kindled my passion for telling women’s stories and led eventually to Hidden Lives: My Three Grandmothers. It is my eighth book, but my first memoir.  My articles and essays have been published in national newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times and America. My poetry has appeared in a variety of small-press journals and in anthologies.


6) Where can your book can be purchased, and do you have any social media sites? 


Hidden Lives: My Three Grandmothers is available on Amazon. It can also be purchased through Barnes and Noble online. Copies are in the MAIN library system. 


My website is:   


Linked in page:

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