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Bari Ecker is a member of Women Who Write.


Briefly introduce yourself, please.

I am a retired family therapist and live in Morristown NJ. with my husband.  I am a participant in Jersey Girl Poets, a WWW poetry critique group, and have had poems published in several publications.  I enjoy doing volunteer work, traveling and playing canasta, as well as babysitting for our 5 grandsons.


Bari Ecker.jpg

Why do you write? What is your inspiration?

I enjoy writing prose and poetry and find inspiration in nature, personal relationships and recollections of my childhood.


In which genre do you write: Poetry, Prose, Children's, MG, YA, Memoir, etc.?


Do you have any formal writing education, such as literary degrees? Have you received any awards or other recognition for your writing? If so, please list them.


No I have not had any formal writing education, but took workshops and retreats with Women Reading Aloud in Randolph, NJ as well as The Writer's Circle in Summit, NJ.


Do you now, or have you in the past, belonged to any other writing organizations? If so, please list them.


Women Reading Aloud  and The Writer's Circle.


Some members write for personal creative outlet, some blog, some have multiple titles in print. What are your writing goals?


I would like to create a chap book of my poetry.


Have you been published anywhere: Goldfinch, newspapers, books, other literary journals? Please let us know where.


  • Goldfinch, Volumes 25 and 26.

  • Rutgers University Anthologist

  • Moving Forward: Stories of Courage and Strength

  • Randolph Reporter

  • Family Institute of NJ Annual Journal

  • Sensations Magazine, issues 47 and 49



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