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En Garde: My Battle with Breast Cancer (Hammer, Ronnie)

En Garde: My Battle with Breast Cancer (Hammer, Ronnie)


EN GARDE: My Battle with Breast Cancer

by: Ronnie Hammer

Published by: Marmalade Press
Pages: 132

This book is a story of my experience with radiation treatment for breast cancer. The fear and feelings of isolation I had during that time was crippling: everything around me was so unknown, unfamiliar, and inhuman.


Because no humans are permitted in the radiation room I invented a pretend friend whom I named Percy Puddlethorpe. Percy was a six inch tall proper British gentleman whose role was to keep me company and give some emotional support. But he became a fearless fighter, fencing his way through the cancer cells at each treatment.


This pretending is called "Visualization," a recognized technique for diverting attention from difficult experiences to pleasurable places. It was a life-saver for me, and I want to share the technique with readers, so they may take advantage of "Visualization" of their own choosing. It will help!

Available at: (in Kindle and Paperback formats)

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