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Grace Beheld (Ryan, Dorothy)

Grace Beheld (Ryan, Dorothy)


Grace Beheld
by: Ryan, Dorothy

Available in Paperback and Kindle (eBook) formats.
Pages: 75
Publisher: Aspen Press

Dorothy Ryan was her husband's caregiver for five years as he became increasingly disabled. At the time of his death, they had been married 46 years. The poems in this heart-felt collection chronicle with poignancy their profoundly challenging, yet rewarding, journey of love and loss.

"Imagine you wake up one morning to find your husband suddenly disabled. You are thrust into the role of caregiver and your lives will never be the same. The poems in this collection, with their wide range of moods – from shock to sorrow, acceptance to peace, will bring solace to any caregiver, especially those feeling overwhelmed and alone. Grace Beheld is an intimate, compelling, and moving collection of poems about the constant challenges and occasional rewards of being a caregiver."

“It has been a pleasure to read these very moving and well-written pieces. They make an excellent and shapely collection.”

—Catherine Doty, author of Wonderama and Momentum

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