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Remembering Fairfield, Connecticut (Papazian, Rita)

Remembering Fairfield, Connecticut (Papazian, Rita)


Remembering Fairfield, Connecticut

by Rita Papazian

Publisher : The History Press; Illustrated edition
Publication date : July 31, 2007
Language : English
Print length : 128 pages

Sprinkled with flowering dogwoods and elegant estates, Fairfield has long symbolized Connecticut's elite Gold Coast. But there is far more to this leafy suburban enclave than stately homes and inviting forests. Founded in 1639 by Roger Ludlow, Fairfield's New England roots run deep. British soldiers torched the village in 1779, and for a time the community teetered on the brink of extinction. But the settlers rebuilt with a vengeance, helping to establish a new foundation for what has become a truly dynamic town. From its founding to the present day, Fairfield has enjoyed a rich and diverse history. Let author Rita Papazian guide you through it all in Remembering Fairfield.

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