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Sirens Unbound (Engelhardt, Laura)

Sirens Unbound (Engelhardt, Laura)


Sirens Unbound
by: Engelhardt, Laura

Available in Paperback and eBook (Kindle) formats.

Pages: 532

Independently Published

Some people have affairs to deal with a midlife crisis — Amy has brain surgery.

The results are even bigger than her career ambitions, and Dr. Amy Bant will need the help of her siblings to survive what comes next. Cordelia, an agoraphobic underwater photographer, Thomas, a playboy with a Brazilian tourism business, and Mary, a choir director with a truth-teller husband are all keys to unlocking secrets a whole lot closer to home than Amy realizes.

Sirens Unbound is an urban fantasy epic told by members of the Bant family. Born protectors, they will travel the world to save the people they love from those who would destroy them.

While Amy is manipulated by the U.S. mages and military, Cordelia struggles to make sense of siren politics, and their brother Thomas falls in with the Australian Cabalists. As war draws closer, the Bant family is pulled onto opposing sides in this first book of the Fifth Mage War series.

In this tumultuous time of prophecies, politics, and magick, can the family stay together?

“a wonderfully engaging world with plenty of intriguing magical and political elements, particularly the fascinating desire/repulsion dynamic between sirens and humans. Sirens Unbound is also a great family story about fraught relationships and painful secrets."

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