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TailGunner R3 (Frommer, Ann and Merkel, Victor)

TailGunner R3 (Frommer, Ann and Merkel, Victor)

TailGunner R3: Revenge, Redemption, Revolution
by: Ann Frommer and Victor Merkel

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

This raw story centers on a young man, thought to be killed in an attack on Stalingrad…István Kovács, Hungarian soldier, brother of Ilona, uncle to Pip, son of Judit and Zsolt. He survives and returns only to find his homeland under Russian occupation. The 1956 Hungarian Revolution reinforced a decision; István must escape to England where he tries to find his nephew. Buck Remke, veteran and former American tail gunner, still fights a war inside. As a former POW, he experienced torture and witnessed death. Every day, in his mind, he extracts "revenge" against his Nazi captors. His life only made bearable by the dreams and fantasies of his love, Ilona. After receiving life-changing news, he gathers the strength to move on. In the early years, István volunteered to help his country but gets caught up in Hitler’s war machine. He struggles to return home and find "redemption" but only discovers shock and disappointment. Pip, who loses his parents at a very young age, is thrown into a British orphanage - post WWII. He deals with unsavory adults and frightening peers, but survives. As he reaches his early teens, the boy finds answers, but will the "resolution" bring him peace?

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