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Turning A New Paige (Nescott, GB)

Turning A New Paige (Nescott, GB)

Turning A New Paige: A Groundhog Day Romance

By: Ginny B. Nescott

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

The loss of her job spurs Paige Myers to a rash decision. She needs a new start. With her car packed to the roof, she leaves behind her expensive Atlanta apartment and ex-boyfriend and heads to her aunt's home in the snowy north. When a storm forces her to seek refuge in a small town restaurant, a flamboyant waiter introduces her to his hot, straight cousin celebrating his Groundhog Day birthday.

Paige isn’t looking for a man, but this one is hard to resist, especially when her car gets plowed in and he’s offering a warm room at the B&B. Rebound or not, it’s a Groundhog Day that melts more than the ice around them.

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