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Learn to Love Writing Your Synopsis (Part 1)

Writing a book is a monumental task. Why, then, should we be forced to boil those hundreds of pages down to a few pages, or worse, a few paragraphs?

Understanding the value of a synopsis is the first step to learning to love your synopsis.

Understanding that a synopsis is just another way of telling your story will turn your synopsis into your best tool—and your best friend.  

Join Publisher and author Sharona Wilhelm for an interactive workshop on synopsis writing that will help you learn how to wrap your head around telling your story in a synopsis.

This workshop will be held in two parts. The first session will take place on June 30, at the Community House in Madison, NJ, and will be broadcast live via Zoom, for those who are not available to attend in person. The second session will be hosted online, at a date and time to be determined.

The cost for this two-part workshop is $50 for members, and $65 for non-members.

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