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Special Membership Offer

I’m Megha, Vice President of Membership for Women Who Write, Inc., an organization that is dedicated to empowering and supporting women writers.

As a member who has been part of this organization for several years, I can say it’s exhilarating to belong and have a voice in a tough industry.

As a writer, it’s important to demonstrate commitment to the craft and continued learning. The powers that be – agents, editors, and authors - want to know you’re serious. By becoming an active member and getting involved, you mark your presence in the writing world. This can be as simple and effective as joining an organization like Women Who Write.

This year, we are offering a discounted rate of $40 for “Newbies and Renewbies” during the month of April! Click or Scan here---->

More PERKS of being a Women Who Write member are freebies, discounts, and more freebies for events, programs, parties, getting published, and so much more!

The following represents only some of the upcoming events and deadlines for 2023:

  • Open Mic – 4/23, at Café Metro in Denville, NJ (Members save 25%)

  • Goldfinch Cover Art Deadline (free) – 5/3, Submit 3 illustrations to compete to be the next cover artist.

  • Meet the Author (free): Jawahara Saidullah

  • Writers' Conference – 10/21, at the Madison Community House in Madison, NJ.

  • Goldfinch Literary Submissions (free) -- TBD

  • Goldfinch Launch Party (free) – TBD

Once you become a member or renew, there are a plethora of ways to get involved:


  • Writing GroupsWrite right! Choose your genre and write. Share your work when you’re comfortable with fellow members who have the same interest/genre (sci-fi, fantasy, memoirs, published authors group, novels, picture books, essays, poetry, etc).

  • CoordinatorYou’re in charge! Become a coordinator of a writing group in the area in which you live or on-line. Meet at your own pace and time.

  • Promote yourselfTime to brag! Check out our Members' Works pages for books, blogs, websites, and your Meet The Member page (proposed for the new year), etc. Forms to share your information are always available on the Private page (for members only).

  • Social MediaExpress yourself! Whether you love, hate, or fear putting yourself out there, we can help you build your brand one step at a time.

  • VolunteerBelong! Meet new people, gain new skills, and most importantly, feel good about yourself. There are many more ways to get involved, just ask and we’ll find a position that supports your wishes:

    • Goldfinch literary journal – Help our editor, Donna Piken, with launching our in-house magazine. See her for details!

    • Writer’s Notes – Help Kim Crumrine relaunch our newsletter by writing articles on the wonderful workshops and programs we host throughout the year, supplying event photos, news about your writing life, or just share tips and tricks.

    • Annual Conference Committee – Hob nob with the best in the industry while helping set up our conference.

    • Membership Liaison – Connect with existing and potential members to communicate upcoming events and find writing groups for them to be a part of.

    • Social Media Liaison – Help help write posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    • Writing Groups – Need a group near your home that caters to your genre in writing, then create a new one!

    • Programs and Workshops – Get in touch with our VP’s of Programs, Prachi Jain and Dana Punzo, to see how you can help run events throughout the year.

Pssst…you can add everything you do for the organization to your resume to showcase your talent and craft. It’s a win-win!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. As always, I’m here to support you on your unique journey.

Best always,

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