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Fellow members and prospective members,


My name is Dana, and I am one of your vice presidents in charge of creating programs for Women Who Write. WWW is growing and it is showing! We are now on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube! WWW is offering more programs and events than in the past, and this is because so many talented members are getting involved by offering their time. The new board is constantly brainstorming new ideas. We will be sending out another online survey to see if you find our ideas appealing,  we can form committees to move the dreams into action. WWW is dedicated to becoming a colorful bouquet of resources for our members. If you are thinking about becoming a member please feel free to contact me or our membership VP Megha Malhotra so this way we can answer any questions you may have. To all the current members, thanks for your support, and I promise that there will be so many interesting pages to turn in the WWW book of memories in the future.


Women Who Write used to consist of members from only northern New Jersey. Not anymore!  We now have members in south Jersey, as well as Pennsylvania, New York, Oregon, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Germany and India! We now have over 120 members...and growing.  


Members who can't travel to critique group meetings now are able to belong when they join an online group. We can always start new groups in areas where there is a need. We're always open to suggestions.


To learn more about our history, please visit our About page.

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